How to use Spotify Codes

How to use Spotify Codes

Spotify is introducing a brand new way to share & discover music

I’m a huge fan of making it as easy as possible for artists to share their music with their fans. It looks like Spotify is too as they’ve just released this great new tool which allows users to share any track, artist, album, or playlist available on Spotify, as easily as taking a picture.

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Think of Spotify Codes like the equivalent of a QR code that your fans can scan on their phones to quickly access your tracks, albums, or playlists. Spotify Codes are now available worldwide for Android and iOS.

There are probably dozens of good uses for these codes, but here’s a basic list of options:

1. Bring some prominence to your playlists

Playlists aren’t always as easily searchable on Spotify as artists, albums, and song titles. Sometimes playlists won’t appear in a search at all until they have a certain amount of followers. That means that someone would have to go to your artist discography page on Spotify first, then scroll down to see what playlists you’re featuring on that page. Spotify Codes gives you a much simpler way to make sure fans are finding and following your playlists.


2. Share Spotify Codes on Instagram

Since Instagram makes it hard to link followers to external URLs, you can share a picture of your Spotify Code, ask fans to take a screenshot, and then they can link right to your music.

3. Display a Spotify Code at your merch booth (or from stage)

Tell the audience to take a picture of the code and they can blast your tunes in the car ride home.

4. Keep an image of your Spotify Codes in your camera roll

Then you’ll have an easy way to share your music when you’re face-to-face with someone who wants to check out your tunes. They can take out their phone, open up Spotify, and scan the image right off your screen.

5. Print a Spotify Code on your concert posters

And on your flyers, business cards, one-sheets, etc. If the artwork catches their attention, you might be able to entice them to start listening to your music right then and there.

How to access and share a Spotify Code

  • To find a Spotify Code, click on the ellipsis (“…”) next to the artist, song, album, or playlist you want to share.

  • Once you do, the code will appear at the bottom of the artwork.

  • Click on the artwork with the code.
  • Save the image to your camera roll by clicking “Save to Photos.”

  • Share away!
  • Be sure to tell your fans that all they need to do is open Spotify and find the camera icon (located next to the search bar).
Artist Verification on Spotify

Artist Verification on Spotify


As an artist, you no longer need to fill out a separate form to get verified on Spotify — just get access to your profile in Spotify for Artists and you’re all set. Artist playlisting is also being integrated into Spotify for Artists. You and your team can post playlists, update images, and make picks all from the same place — simplifying how you manage your artist profile.


What this means if you’re already verified:

  • Whether you use Spotify for Artists or not, you’ll keep your verification.
  • All the playlists on your artist profile will stay there.
  • If you’re verified but haven’t used Fan Insights, get access to Spotify for Artists here.
  • As of early May, you’ll need to use Spotify for Artists to add and remove playlists from your artist profile. You’ll still use your personal Spotify account to create and edit them.


What this means if you’re not verified yet:

  • To get verified, you’ll need to get access to Spotify for Artists.
  • Spotify for Artists is available for all artists and their management teams. You no longer need 250 followers to get verified.
  • As of early May, you can add any playlist to your artist profile using Spotify for Artists — the same way you add an artist’s pick. You’ll use your personal Spotify account to create and edit artist playlists.
  • While we’re working as quickly as we can, you may not see the verified check mark on your page until early May.

We know verification and artist playlisting are important to you, so we’ll keep working on improvements and new features that make it even simpler.

All information from Spotify.


I’m a musician + I run Quirky Music. Here on the blog, I like to share my top tips related to being an independent musician, crowdfunding and how to have a successful music career.


Facebook Verification for Musicians

Facebook Verification for Musicians



So you want to verify your artist or bands Facebook Page. Who doesn’t want pretty that blue tick on their Official Music Page?  This one small tick adds credibility to your page and lets people know it’s really you sharing content! So let’s get to it!



First, you’ll need to head to this link here and have the following ready:

  • Select which Page you’re wanting to verify.
  •  Attach one of the following official documents:
    • Drivers License
    • Passport
    • Birth Certificate
    • Articles of Incorporation (if you represent a media, entertainment or sports company)
  • A link to your website.



Hold the phone! Before you hit submit, there are a few things you will need to have in place. They are:

  1. An existing public page under your name (no you cannot use your personal page!)
  2. A history of native content posted to your page
  3. A website
  4. Photos or links to press releases or reviews
  5. The Facebook Mentions Application.

The length of time it can take for Facebook to get back to you varies.



While you’re waiting to hear back from Facebook there are plenty of things you can be doing. Make sure you’re interacting with your fans by sharing a range of content and remember to reply or at least like if they’ve left a comment on your page. This is really important if you want to create a proper little community of fans on your page.

Different content ideas can include:

  • Live Gig Photos
  • Quotes or Memes you like
  • News
  • Other artists pages/music
  • Your own music
  • Videos
  • Something you love (mine is usually coffee or pug dogs)

I would recommend doing at least 1 post a day on Facebook because if someone is looking at your page for the first time they want to know you’re actually there! It can feel tedious at times, however, if you come up with a little timetable of when to post what – Mondays – News, Tuesday – Favourite quote, Wednesday – Your own music etc it can make it less of a chore. Choose a time each week where you will schedule your posts. If something comes up that you really want to share you can most definitely do that as well.

Finally,  post your own music at least once a week and ensure you include links to where people can purchase your music!


If you have any further questions join our free Facebook Group and fire away!


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I’m a musician + I run Quirky Music. Here on the blog, I like to share my top tips related to being an independent musician, crowdfunding and how to have a successful music career.